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Publications of the Convention of Long range Transboundary Air Pollution




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Cover WGE brochure 2013 52px

Benefits of air pollution control for biodiversity and ecosystem services, 2013


This brochure was produced by the Working Group on Effects of the UNECE Convention on Long‐range Transboundary Air Pollution with contributions of ICP Forest, ICP Integrated Monitoring, ICP Modelling and Mapping , Coordination Centre for Effects (CCE), ICP Vegetation, ICP Waters and the Joint Expert Group on Dynamic Modelling. 

Fig brochure cultural heritage 52px

Impacts of air pollution on human health, ecosystems and cultural heritage (english version).


Impacts de la pollution atmosphérique sur la santé humaine, les écosystèmes et les monuments historiques (french version)


Воздействие загрязнения воздуха на здоровье человека, экосистемы и объекты культурного наследия (russian version)


This brochure was produced by the Working Group on Effects of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution to support the revision of the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol.

last update 28-5-2013