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Status Report 1999



This report is the fifth in a bi-annual series prepared by the Coordination Center for Effects (CCE) to document the progress made in calculating and mapping critical thresholds in Europe. The CCE, as part of the Mapping Programme under the UN/ECE Working Group on Effects (WGE), collects critical load data from 24 individual countries and synthesizes them into European maps and data bases. These data bases, together with scientific advice on critical threshold methodology, are provided to the integrated assessment modeling groups under the UN/ECE Working Group on Strategies (WGS). Via this route the effects-related work has a direct impact on the preparations of new protocols to the 1979 Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution. In particular, the critical loads data presented in this report, which have been formally approved by the WGE in August 1998, serve as input to the current negotiations of a "multi-pollutant, multi-effect" protocol.

Edited by
Posch M, de Smet AMP, Hettelingh JP, Downing RJ
RIVM Rapport 259101009