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Status Report 1991

Mapping Critical Loads for Europe. CCE Technical Report no. 1


This first Technical report of the Coordination Center for Effects (CCE) presents European maps of critical loads of actual acidity, sulphur and nitrogen, and maps displaying European geographical patterns of exceedances of current deposition over critical loads. Methods and assumptions used to produce these CCE maps are summarized in this report but can be found in more detail in the Mapping Manual (UN ECE, 1990a) and its annexes, as well as the Mapping Vademecum (Hettelingh and de Vries), 1991), of which several drafts were produced during the mapping exercise. This report also aims to provide an preliminary evaluation of the CCE maps through (1) comparison with the Stockholm Environment Institute senstitivity map which has been used by the UN ECE Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modeling (TFIAM) to assess abatement strategies, and (2) comparison of braodscale European data to two cases of national data used in the mapping exercise.

Edited by:
Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Robert J. Downing, Peter A.M. de Smet
Coordination Centre for Effects 
RIVM Report No. 259101001
ISBN No. 90-6960-011-0