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Available Models


To compute biodiversity critical loads a tool, PROPS-CLF, can be downloaded here (version from 11 September 2017). The archive PROPS-CLF.zip contains 2 programs:

(1) The interactive PROPSelect tool (to be installed like VSD+) for selecting (and writing to a file) those plants from the PROPS database which are to be used in deriving CLs for a given habitat;
(2) The stand-alone routine PROPS-CLF.exe, which uses that selection plus additional data (SMB-related) to compute the N-S CL function.
For more details read the file '_readme.txt' and the manuals provided for each of the programs.

The VSD suite of models:

The VSD model is the (minimal) extension of the Simple Mass Balance (SMB) steady-state model into a dynamic soil (acidificaton) model. A single-site version can be downloaded here (version from 7 July 2017).

The VSD+ model is an extension of the VSD model with detailed C and N dynamics. A single-site version can be downloaded here (version from 22 September 2017).

Also available for downloading are four instruction videos for VSD+ studio, on the use of datafiles, the calibration, interpreting the results and on using the vegetation model.

The MetHyd model is a meteo-hydrological pre-processor for the VSD+ and VSD models. A single-site version can be downloaded here (version from 13 January 2017).

The GrowUp model is a pre-processor for VSD+ and VSD to compute N and base cation uptake from user specified tree-growth inputs. A single-site version can be  downloaded here (version from 12 July 2017).

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