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Poland 2012

22nd Workshop and 28th Task Force meeting of the ICP M&M National Centre for Emissions Management of the Institute of Environmental Protection (KOBIZE) 16-19 April 2012 Warsaw, Poland

Agenda with links to the presentations

16 17 18 19 April 2013 - Posters

Monday,  16 April 2012




Mrs. Sylwia Wasniewska – Director, KOBiZE


Polish emission inventory for the UNECE LRTAP Convention


Mr. Bogusław Dębski


A retrospective review of the ICP Modelling and Mapping story


Wojciech Mill


Objectives of the CCE workshop and the meeting of the Task Force on Modelling and Mapping:


Jean-Paul Hettelingh and Anne-Christine Le Gall


Update on the developments in the UN ECE LRTAP Convention


Krzysztof Olendrzynski


Topic 1: Call for data: results

NFC response to call for contributions


CCE: Jaap Slootweg


Swedish NFC - call for data 2011/2012 and progress on critical loads work


Karin Hansen


Dynamic soil-vegetation modeling of 7 long-term forest monitoring sites in Austria


Thomas Dirnböck


Modelling and mapping critical loads in the United States: current status and future directions


Jason Lynch


Environmental effects of emissions reduction in Poland in the last decades


Tomasz Pecka


Topic 2:  On field measurements, model assessments and regional applications addressing (the N-induced change of) plant species diversity


Response of alpine plants and communities to increased nitrogen deposition


Erika Hiltbrunner


N deposition affects species richness and diversity in Switzerland


Lukas Kohli, Tobias Roth, Beat Rihm


Potential Species Loss Due to Increased Nitrogen Deposition - Tentative Maps for Selected Swiss Ecosystems


Beat Rihm, Lukas Kohli


Recent development and progress with ForSAFE-VEG in mountain areas. Potential for use in other countries, parameterization, challenges and possibilities


Harald Sverdrup and


Salim Belyazid


Vegetation endpoints for critical loads estimates of nitrogen


Influence of climate change and nitrogen deposition on French forest soil and vegetation : ForSafe Veg predictions 2010-2100


Anne Probst


Impact of climate changes on forest ecosystems sensitivity to atmospheric deposition of sulphur and nitrogen – the case study for Poland


Magdalena Reizer


Is biodiversity affected by nutrient nitrogen exceedances in a short or long term?


Alessandra de Marco, Maria Francesca Fornasier, Enrico Pisoni, Marcello Vitale


Impact of climate change on critical loads


Jane Hall



Tuesday, 17th April 2012


Topic 2:       Continued…


Transboundary air pollution in perspective -  achievements and future challenges?


Peringe Grennfelt (chairman WGE)


ROMUL - model of soil organic matter and plants nutrition elements dynamics based on forest floor and soil horizons data.


Alexander Komarov


Exceedance of critical loads for Poland and NATURA 2000 areas - effects of the future N and S depostion scenarios


Rafal Ulanczyk


Critical Loads for NATURA 2000 areas - methods and experiences in Germany


Thomas Scheuschner


Modelling regional effects of air quality (under climate change) with potentially policy-relevant indicators for biodiversity


VSD+Veg Cascade


Jaap Slootweg, Max Posch, Gert Jan Reinds, Luc Bonten


Some considerations on Critical Loads


And Biodiversity


Jesper Bak


Simple Call to NFCs for a EUNIS specific Biodiversity function


Jean-Paul Hettelingh


Topic 3:         Valuing air pollution effects


Valuing the impact of Nitrogen pollution on ecosystem services in the UK


Chris Evans


Discussion on indicators for Cost-Benefit analysis


Mike Holland



Wednesday, 18th April 2012


Topic 5:        Work plan of - and collaboration under - CLRTAP 2012-2013


Impacts of ozone on food security and carbon sequestration by vegetation


Contribution of ICP Vegetation to the Impacts analysis report and Guidance Document V


Harry Harmens




Harry Harmens




Status ICP Waters


Berit Kvaeven


Status ICP IM


Lars Lundin


Status ICP Forests


Martin Lorenz


(1) Status of the support to the revision of the Gothenburg protocol (2) Future of EMEP grid


Wolfgang Schoepp (EMEP-CIAM)


Status of WGE reporting on impact of air pollution on ecosystem, health and materials


Anne-Christine Le Gall


Topic 6:    Training session for dynamic models: VSD+-VEG and auxiliary models (GrowUp; MetHyd…)


Changes in VSD+, GrowUp


Luc Bonten, Gertjan Reinds


Janet Mol, Rick Wieggers


Revision of the vegetation parameterization for the Veg module


Salim Belyazid, Max Posch, Dani Kurz, Bengt Nihlgård, Sabine Braun, Harald Sverdrup



Thursday 19th April 2012


Topic 7:        Inputs to the 31th session of WGE and wrap-up of meeting; documents:




Wrap up presentation by the chair of the ICP Mapping and Modelling







Posters including NFC contributions to the call for data


Title unknown


Julian Aherne


Danish critical loads for biodiversity


Jesper Bak


Nitrogen deposition and biodiversity in Bulgaria


Borislava Borisava


Summary of the  response to the call for data




Factors that Influence the Ecosystem Integrity and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change


Stela Drucioc


Critical loads, exceedances and vegetation shift modeling at some intensive forest monitoring sites in Slovenia


Klemen Eler and Milan Kobal


Exceedances of heavy metals on the  territory of the Crimean peninsula over 3 years of monitoring


Helena Evstafyeva


Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution Impacts and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems (FP7 - ECLAIRE)


Jean-Paul Hettelingh et al.


Eutrophication due to green alder expansion into subalpine grassland


Erika Hiltbrunner


Empirical impact indicators agree with exceedances of critical loads (ICP IM and ICP M&M)


Maria Holmberg et al.


Role of nitrogen speciation in acidifying potential of atmospheric deposition (over 15 years) on French forests


Arnaud Mansat


The HARMONIZATOR a handy tool for CL and other data comparison and analysis


Wojciech Mill and Adrian Schlama


Impact of nitrogen depositions on soil/plan species quantitative attributes: results from field research in forest ecosystems of Central Russia


Irina Priputina


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