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Denmark 2013

23rd Workshop CCE & 29th TF meeting ICP M&M
The Workshop and the Task Force meeting has been held, under the patronage of the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, from 8-11 April 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Important objectives of the meetings included:

  1. Presentations on field measurements and model assessments addressing plant species diversity
  2. Progress on the development of biodiversity indicators (including the WGE initiative)
  3. Progress and training session addressing (NFC-) specific issues on dynamic soil-vegetation modelling and call for data that was sent to you recently
  4. Summary of integrated assessment applied to the Gothenburg protocol
  5. ICP M&M - workplan and other Task Force issues


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Keynote: Biodiversity-related critical loads in a Danish and European context

Jesper Bak


Objectives of the CCE workshop and


the meeting of the Task Force on Modelling and Mapping:


Important objectives of the meetings include:


(1) presentations on field measurements and model assessments addressing plant species diversity


(2) progress on the development of biodiversity indicators (including input to the WGE report “biodiversity and ecosystem functions”)


(3) progress and training session addressing (NFC-) specific issues on


dynamic soil-vegetation modelling and call for data.


(4) Summary of integrated assessment applied to the Gothenburg protocol


(5) ICP M&M - workplan and other Task Force issues


Jean-Paul Hettelingh and


Anne-Christine Le Gall
























Adoption of 2012 TF minutes.


Anne-Christine Le Gall




Topic 1: Field measurements and model assessments addressing (N-induced) changes of plant species diversity


Chair: Jesper Bak




Nitrogen deposition affects forest floor vegetation across Europe evidence from long-term monitoring


Thomas Dirnböck




Critical load exceedances and empirical indicators at ICP Integrated Monitoring sites


Maria Holmberg


Methodological approaches for biodiversity assessment under polluted forest sites.


Marcello Vitale, Fabio Attorre, Michele De Sanctis, Maria Francesca Fornasier, Alessandra De Marco


Concepts for defining habitat distribution and validating habitat cluster potential


Thomas Scheuschner


ICP Waters: 30 years of biodiversity trends in European fresh waters


Gaute Velle


Monitoring and modelling of N-effects based on the Danish National Monitoring and Assessment Programme for the Aquatic and Terrestrial Environment


Christian Damgård 


TF Conclusions and recommendations for 


on Topic 1


Anne-Christine Le Gall




Topic 2: Regional assessments of changes of (indicators for) biodiversity and ecosystem services


Chair: Max Posch


Progress on modelling biodiversity change with ForSAFE-VEG, considering climate change and pollution. Experiences from the last years, and taking a new approach to assessing critical loads based on biodiversity

Harald Sverdrup, Salim Belyazid, Anne Probst, Dani Kurz



Modelling the impact of nitrogen deposition on French forest ecosystems using ForSAFE-VEG: biogeochemical validation and development of a new quantified approach to calibrate the VegTable

Noémie Gaudio, Selim. Belyazid, Jean Claude Gégout, S. Rizetto, Didier Alard, Emmanuel Corket, Jean Paul Party, Arnaud Mansat, T. Gauquelin, Harald Sverdrup,  Anne Probst



Assessing the impact of air quality and climate change on carbon sequestration by forest ecosystems in Europe


Max Posch



Use of biodiversity indicators in Dutch policy support


Arjen van Hinsberg



Biodiversity indicators for UK habitats: a process for determining species-weightings


Ed Rowe



Performance of different biodiversity indicators in response to nitrogen air pollution


Lukas Kohli, Beat Rihm



Ecological stoichiometry, atmospheric N deposition and soil nitrogen-to-carbon ratios in Europe


Christian Mulder, Luca Montanarella, and Rannveig Anne Guicharnaud



Interactions between pH and nutrients on benthic algae in streams and consequences for ecological status assessment and species richness patterns


Susanne Schneider







Topic 3:  Effect based information for policy support and integrated assessment


Chair: Beat Achermann


Assessing European objectives for acidification, eutrophication and ground-level ozone with 2001 and present knowledge


Max Posch and Jean-Paul Hettelingh



Regionalization of dose-response relationships established from gradient studies


Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Max Posch,[ Carly Stevens]



Modelling plant species diversity under changing deposition and climate


Gert Jan Reinds



Modelling of Ecosystem Intergrity with regard to Potential Effects of Climate Change and Nitrogen Deposition in Selected German Tree-dominated Ecosystems


Jan Riediger



EEA support to the EU’s Air Policy Review with focus on ecosystem impacts


 Anke Lükewille



Nature targets: Experiences from the implementation of the EU directives for Danish lakes


Martin Søndergård



Cross-comparison of nutrient nitrogen critical loads databases from ICP Modelling and Mapping and ICP Forests at European level


Alessandra De Marco and Richard Fischer



Topic 5: Collaboration 2013-2014 under the LRTAP Convention


Chair: Anne-Christine Le Gall


Update on the developments in the UNECE LRTAP Convention


Peringe Grennfelt



Status of the DRAFT WGE report “Impacts of Air Pollution on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”


Harry Harmens



ICP Vegetation: An overview of the achievements of the ICP Vegetation 2012/13


Harry Harmens



ICP Waters: Workplan and progress


Gunnar Skotte



Report on ICP IM activities and on scientific results underpinning the CLRTAP achievements


Lars Lundin



Status ICP Forests


Martin Lorenz







Status ICP Materials


Johan Tidblad



Status JEG


Filip Moldan



Status ICP M&M


Anne-Christine Le Gall and Jean-Paul Hettelingh




Topic 6: Training session addressing (NFC-) specific issues on dynamic soil-vegetation modelling and call for data 2012-2014.

Moderators: Max Posch, Jaap Slootweg, Gert Jan Reinds, Luc Bonten, Salim Belyazid   

Introduction to the Training session for the response to the call for data 2012-2014 issued in 2012


Jaap Slootweg, Max Posch


Topic 7: EC projects to strengthen science of effects-based assessments and closure of the meeting


Chair: Anne-Christine Le Gall


Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution Impacts and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems (ECLAIRE)


Wilfried Winiwarter



Quantitative assessment of air pollution on biodiversity


Jesper Bak







Update on the activities of the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution







Draft ICP M&M contributions to WGE meeting








Anne-Christine Le Gall


Jean-Paul Hettelingh



technical document(s) for 32st WGE session ( Geneva, 12-13 Sept. 2013)



Future meetings


Adoption of the draft minutes of the meeting.


Closure of the CCE WS and ICP M&M Task Force meeting





Presented Posters



Progress with the modelling and mapping of Critical Loads in Moldova

Ala Cojocaru

Potential impacts of nitrogen deposition on plant biodiversity and soil chemistry in acid and neutral‐calcareous Irish grasslands.

Jason Henry and Julian Aherne

Selection and characteristic the sites for soil vegetation model on Crimean peninsula territory, Ukraine

Helena Evstafyeva

ECLAIRE: Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution Impacts and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems (FP7 project)

Clare Howard and Jean‐Paul Hettelingh et al.

Evaluation of modeled wet deposition in Spain

Héctor García‐Gómez

Critical loads of nutrient N and critical loads of acidity on ecosystems of Pasvik nature reserve

Anastasiia Idashkina

Soil‐vegetation data for test sites in European Russia

Irina Priputina

Temporal evolution of two biodiversity indices: example of eleven French forest sites

S. Rizzetto, N. Gaudio, A. Probst

Critical limits and loads of cadmium, lead and mercury and their exceedances in forest soils of the Czech Republic

Irena Skořepová et al.

The assessment of empirical critical loads for nitogen with use of nitrophilous vegetation species occurrence in some forest biotopes in the Czech Republic

Irena Skořepová et al.

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