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Croatia 2015

The 25th Workshop CCE and 31st TF meeting of ICP on Modelling and Mapping in 2015 was held from 20-23 April in Zagreb, Croatia and hosted by the Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia.

Monday, 20th April 2015


Opening of the 25th CCE workshop and 31st TF and Key Note Session


Chair: Sonja Vidic


8:00 - 8:30


Registration, coffee and mounting of posters




8:30 - 8:45




Solveg Kovac


8:45 - 9:00


Objectives of the workshop and Task Force




Anne-Christine Le Gall/


Max Posch


9:00 - 9:45


Keynote Session by Vladimir Jelavic






Topic 1: Results of the Call for Data 2014-2015


Chair: Anne-Christine Le Gall


9:45 - 10:15


2014-2015 Call for Data results


Jaap Slootweg & Max Posch


10.15 - 10.35


Revised European Critical load Database


Max Posch


10:35- 11:00


Coffee break and Poster session in the presence of poster authors






The PROPS Vegetation model: New Developments


Janet Mol




Critical Loads derived from the PROPS model


Maximilian Posch


11:40 - 12:30






TF Conclusions and recommendations  for 


on Topic 1


Anne-Christine Le Gall


12:30 - 14:00








Topic 2: National and NFC contributions to effect-based work under the Convention (call for data), ECLAIRE and other research programmes




Chair: Maximilian Posch (each presentation to be followed by 5 minutes of discussion !)


14:00 – 14:15


(+ 5)


[Deriving N & S Critical Load functions from thresholds set using empirical Critical Loads]


Ed Rowe


14:20 – 14:35




Critical load assessment and potential links to sustainable habitat conservation


Thomas Scheuschner


14:40 - 14:55




Predicting vegetation composition in French forests under two atmospheric deposition scenarios using two modelling approaches


Rizzetto S., Belyazid s., Gegout J.C., Kuhn E., Corcket E., Alard D., Nicolas  M., Sverdrup H., Gaudio N., Probst A.


15:00 – 15:15




Calculation of critical loads for Dutch Nature.


Arjen van Hinsberg, Gert Jan Reinds


15:20 - 15:35




Nitrogen and Natura2000: Dutch approach for dealing with this challenge


Bas Clabbers et al.


15:40 – 16:00


Coffee break and Poster session




16:00 – 16:15




Comparison of methodologies to calculate critical loads at lakes in Norway and Sweden: choice of organisms to protect, choice of protection criteria and trade-offs between air pollution and forestry


Filip Moldan and Kari Austnes


16:20 - 16:35




Effects of N-deposition on temporal changes in plant diversity in Swiss habitats


Lukas Kohli


16:40– 16:55




New exposure-response relationships for nitrogen impacts on mycorrhiza and epiphytic lichens


Reto Meier






Nitrogen deposition and multi-dimensional plant diversity at the landscape scale


Tobias Roth





17:40 - 18:00






Tuesday, 21st April 2015


Topic 3: Common ICP M&M, ICP-Vegetation and FP7-ECLAIRE session:


N-impacts on plant species diversity including interactions between N and O3




Chair: Wilfried Winiwarter (until coffee break) / Harry Harmens (after coffee break)


8:30 - 8.50


[ECLAIRE policy scenarios describing effects of air pollution under future climate conditions: assumptions and results of cost-optimized GAINS model runs]


Wilfried Winiwarter et al.


8:50 - 9:20


Ozone and N interactions: from processes to ecosystems impacts


G. Mills, K. Sharps, H.Harmens, F.Hayes, P.Buker, L.Emberson


9:20 - 9:40


Conclusions regarding  O3xN interactive effects on soil C and N in subalpine grassland


Seraina Bassin


9:40 - 10:00


Ozone, nitrogen and climate effects on annual Mediterranean pastures biodiversity and structure


I. Rabago, V. Bermejo, H. Calvete, S. Elvira, J. Sanz, I. González, H. García, F. Valiño, R Alonso.


10:00 - 10:20


Impacts of changes in nitrogen deposition, ozone exposure and climate change on carbon sequestration of European forests


Wim de Vries, Maximilian Posch et al.


10:20 - 10:40


Progress towards predicting interactive effects of ozone and nitrogen pollution on ecosystems


Ed Rowe


10:40 - 11:10


Coffee break




11:10 - 11:50


Critical loads of nitrogen for forest ecosystems in view of abiotic impacts, vegetation change and carbon sequestration…towards ECLAIRE consensus


W. De Vries, S. Braun, J.-P. Hettelingh, W. Winiwarter

et al.


11:50 - 12:10


Recent progress on modeling critical loads based on biodiversity and effects on forest ecology using the ForSAFE-VEG model


Harald Sverdrup


12:10 - 12.30


Combined effects of nitrogen deposition and climate change on plant species diversity in Europe


Gert Jan Reinds et al.


12:30 - 14:00






14.00 - 15.00


Discussion and Task Force Conclusions and recommendations on Topic 3


Chair : Anne-Christine Le Gall




& evening


Social Event & Dinner


Our host offers a guided tour around Zagreb of 2.5-3 h and a dinner starting at 20.00










Wednesday, 22nd April 2015


Topic 4: Status of collaboration under LRTAP Convention




Chair: Anne Christine Le Gall


9:00 - 9:30


A trend report with contributions from all ICPs and the Task Force on Health, currently entitled: “Trends in ecosystem and health responses to (reductions in) long-range transported pollutants” 


Heleen de Wit


9:30 - 9:45


Status of the LRTAP-Convention Assessment report


Anne-Christine Le Gall


9:45 - 10.00




Heleen de Wit


10:00 - 10:15




Harry Harmens, Gina Mills


10:15 - 10:30




Filip Moldan


10:30 - 10.45






10:45 - 11:15


Coffee break and Poster session




11:15 - 11:40


Status of the revised Mapping Manual


Anne-Christine Le Gall et al.


11:40 - 12:30


Discussion on




12:30 - 13:00


Task Force Conclusions and recommendations on Topic 4




Chair : Anne-Christine Le Gall


13:00 - 14:00






Topic 5: Training Session on


(1) modelling and mapping issues and


(2) AERIUS: the Programmatic (Integrated) Approach for Nitrogen (PAN) in the Netherlands




Moderator: Jaap Slootweg et al. (CCE and Alterra)


14:00 - 14:15




Jaap Slootweg et al.


14:15 - 15:30






Interactive discussions with NFCs on call for data software (incl. VSD-PROPS) and CCE/NFC issues


Jaap Slootweg et al.


15:30 – 16:00


Coffee break






Thursday 23rd April 2015


Topic 6: ICP M&M workplan


Chair: Anne Christine Le Gall


9:00 - 9:20


Summary of training session findings


Jaap Slootweg & Max Posch


9:20 - 9:30


Task Force Conclusions and recommendations on Topic 5


Chair : Anne-Christine Le Gall


9:30 - 10:30




News from the LRTAP Convention


[As in previous years, the Tour the Table is replaced by your contribution in writing, e.g. addressing (1) NFC progress in relation to the call for data, (2) envisaged capacity for 2015-2016, (3) NFC planed work in the coming years]




10:30 - 10:50


Coffee break 




10:50 - 12:30


Draft ICP M&M contributions to WGE meeting


technical document(s) for 33rd WGE session (Geneva, Sept. 2015)


Future meetings


Adoption of the draft minutes of the meeting.


Closure of the CCE WS and ICP M&M Task Force meeting




12:30 - 14:00




















(Poster sessions are combined with coffee breaks)




Vegetation community change points in Irish Annex 1 habitats along a nitrogen deposition gradient


Kayla Wilkins and Julian Aherne




Heavy Metal and Nitrogen concentration in mosses in Irish Atlantic oak and woodland


Kayla Wilkins and Julian Aherne




Ground vegetation composition change in beech forest and highland grasslands of Eastern Serbia (in relation to atmospheric depositions, soil properties, temperatures and precipitation amounts)


Jelena Beloica


Overview of the results of the 2014-2015 call for data Coordination Centre for Effects


Plant species diversity changes in forests of the Czech Republic in the last 15 years

Irena Skořepová


Critical Loads and Dynamic Risk Assessments: Nitrogen, Acidity and Metals in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems (Springer, Environmental Pollution Series, volume 25, in press)


Wim de Vries, Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Maximilian Posch (eds.)