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Development of the CCE

The research of CCE has developed to include multi-source multi-effect relationships affecting the good ecological state of surface waters and terrestrial ecosystems.

Current Focus

The current focus includes effects caused by reactive nitrogen emphasizing biodiversity as end point, and the interaction between air pollution and climate effects both in time and space. When the CCE started its work in 1990 its network consisted of about 12 national centres. The CCE is now responsible for the guidance of about 30 National Focal Centres with the development of methods, data and collaborative projects.

European Environment Agency

The CCE is also responsible for contributions to the Core Set Indicators and to the European initiative for Streamlining European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators of the European Environment Agency. The work of the CCE contributed to two effect based UNECE protocols (1994;1999) and the EC-National Emission Ceiling directive (2001). Policy support now focuses on the revision of these agreements.

7th Framework Programme

Until 2015 the CCE is part of a consortium under the seventh Framework Programme “Effects of Climate change on air pollution impacts and response strategies for European ecosystems” (Eclaire).


The CCE also operates under several service contracts of the EC. It is part of the European Consortium for Modelling Air Pollution and Climate Strategies (EC4MACS ) of the European Commission to support of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution until 2013.

last update 5 Jun 2013

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